Top 8 Content Writing Services of 2012-2013 by Goole Search

Content writing is a rapidly growing mainstay service, as the rising demand for web content continues with the explosion of internet services that are now available. As demand for content grows, the demand for content writers grows and content writing services are emerging in the service sector. There are so many different websites today, that businesses are looking for an edge by hiring content writing services to provide quality materials written by knowledgeable professional writers.
As the demand for content writing services grow, the job has come to be seen as a respected profession. Content writing services provide the perfect job for busy students, as they can practice their craft, earn money and maintain flexibility around busy class schedules and deadlines. A position as a content writer is a solid base on which to begin building a career in writing.
Many content writing services outsource some of their work in order to draw in the best quality writing for their company. There are several types of content writing to choose from. Each type requires a different approach.

1) Web content writing – descriptive, marketing based writing designed to draw people to the site and sell goods or services. Found on websites and blogs, and in promotional web materials.

2) Ghostwriting – SEO articles posted to the client’s blog, article directories or guest posts on the blogs of others under the client’s name as the author.

3) Technical Writing – content that simplifies complicated concepts and ideas and technical industries to be understood by the general public. Found on scientific websites and blogs.

4)Press Release Writing – marketing based, sales centered writing used by small or medium organizations as sales pitch mediums. Basically, this is just web advertising, designed to catch the eye and draw consumers in.
5)Journalistic News – neutral articles written to inform that generally follow reporting formats. This type of writing may be about anything that is considered newsworthy.
6) Academic Writing – research and in-depth analysis of a subject, including essays, analyses and presentations.
7) Reviews – analysis of services or goods, often with intent to sway readers’ opinions.
8) Travel Writing – descriptive content writing that focuses on destinations or trip planning.
Skills gained writing term papers and reports as students will pay off, as these are the skills that a content writer needs to have. Content writing also includes research and marketing skills to reach consumers on the Internet. SEO writing skills are a plus in order to optimize the ranking of client websites. In addition to website content, blogging skills are also in demand. Blogs are a popular way to get the message out in a way that readers will easily understand.
The content writing services are occupying a larger portion of the service sector today. Content is needed, but businesses don’t have time to write their own and established writers won’t want to bother. Good content writers are in high demand, which can be of benefit to students with good writing, editing and research skills who want to get a solid start on a writing career.