Task of Academic Writing – Essay n Assignments

When you are writing a essay for a class there are a lot of things that comes with it. You have to take into account the elements that bring academic essays together. When you are writing a essay you are thinking about what subject would  write a good essay. You first have to start off with the subject and doing some research about it. Some subjects are extremely long and complicated and can be time consuming when you’re putting a essay together. One must take into consideration that essays are subjective in nature. You want to do more than just think about the subject you want your essay to really reflect on what you’re trying to present to not only your instructor who will be your sounding board and audience to give you feedback as to what the essay is trying to present in terms of what subject is being covered. The hard part is that you’re having to know that essays must be organized in order to present the information in the way that will give the listener a feel for what you’re trying to present in terms of the story or subject of your essay. There are so many components to a good essay and you want to present that in a well-organized fashion. Writing a essay is going to have it’s challenges and downsides, but it takes a good skilled writer to do just that in order to make it sound and look good.

Essay Formats
You also need to keep in mind that essays are also written in various formats like MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and others. You want to keep a stellar list of the information or books used to build your biboliography. A well written list of books and materials always makes a good impression on teachers when it comes to what is and what isnt a good essay. In the early stages of preparing a essay to be written starts with gathering your materials for research and whatever is necessary to really make your essay stand out. You want to also look at your time frame because in many schools you’re only given so much time before the essay has to be turned in to the instructor. Also make sure that you check all your references and credit anything that you use in your essay because plagiarism is not something that sits well with instructors and schools for that matter and can affect your academic life so it’s very important to credit any and all information used. Honest integrity goes a long way when you’re trying to earn the best grade possible in your course of study.

Research Work
Once you’ve gotten all your research done and over with now comes the next step and that’s the organization of the information so it can be put together to form the body and opening of your essay which can be the most difficult part of writing a essay or thesis or even a dissertation. You have to go through so many steps in order to put your information together and really make the essay come alive to the reader. The next part is typing out the introduction and the body of the essay and your introduction shouldnt be anymore than a paragraph to a paragraph and a half and this is the part of the essay that tells your reader a little bit about the subject of the essay so you want to do your best in making sure that the person who’s going to be reading your essay will be impressed with what they’re reading in the introduction and the body of the essay.

Writing Style
Formatting your essay to a specific writing style is also the next step as well because some instructors may want you to do it in a certain style. You also want to make sure that the writing style fits the appropriateness of the essay being written. It also shows the skill level of the student when proper writing style techniques are applied in the writing of a essay. When you’re writing the essay do your proofreading along the way so if you catch any grammatical errors you can correct it before you get too far along into the essay. This is so that once you’re done writing the essay you can do a read through and correct other things and even adding stuff that you may have not thought to add before. It takes a skilled eye to find those little errors in a essay that could be fixed once the essay has been completed. Check your word count when you’re writing so that it stays with the required length that’s being asked of you by the professor.

Essay Type
Some essays can range from a few pages to several hundreds depending on the type of essay that is being written. For example some thesises can be anywhere between 35-80 pages long if it’s for a masters level course whereas a dissertation can run anywhere from 200-1000+ pages in length. So that’s where you know what type of essay you’re going to be writing. That’s the stress of what many students go through when they are working on essays especially the long ones that take some time to write. Students are often stressed when writing essays because they could be up for hours working on a few pages at a time. Many times students find it stressful when they’re having to do so much writing and the need to pace themselves when writing out their essays. Writing essays is not exactly a walk in the park when you’re up late typing a few pages at a time and having to read over what you’re writing so it fits the assignment requirements. That’s why reading over everything as you write along helps to correct small errors and things you want to add in.

The difficulty of writing a essay is really just making sure that your information is organized and presented the way you want it to be. Be sure once you complete your essay to really do a full and complete proofreading so that before you submit it’s grammatically correct and everything you want to say is included in the essay. Once you do that your essay will be complete and make sure your conclusion is well-organized so it brings the essay’s closing together and completes the essay as a whole.


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